JANUS Lifecycle

Completely Integrated Covering The:

  • Operational
  • Project Controls
  • Project Management

Lifecycle Is Now At Your Fingertips Using JANUS.

JANUS ERP is one of the first award-winning cloud-based software to integrate all critical business processes into one solution to consistently arrive at the right decision.

The elegance of JANUS ERP is that all the modules communicate with one another. No more silo information between departments. JANUS takes information that is personalized by certain employees and institutionalizes it for the entire organization to share and collaborate with.

Scalable, flexible and repeated outcomes allow users to arrive at the best decisions. Any organization would benefit from all the modules. However, JANUS's scalability and flexibility mean organizations can choose any module to their liking and integrate with the organization.

Finally, PE4U's JANUS solution is intended to break down barriers our competitors has for years thrived on. Our developers have no less than 15 years of experience bringing best practices and pragmatic thinking to create a solution that is the best in class software solution an organization can have in their possession.

Save Time, Save Money and Consistently Allow Your Users to Make the Best Decisions Using JANUS

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Accountability, sales management, lead Management done quickly and accurately.

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Estimating built around your organization's need. Build your library, index, add escalation and index cost based on historical and takeoff from P&IDs, plot plans and more.

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Project Execution Plan (PEP)

Project execution plan encompasses all elements of projects and integrates with the modules of JANUS allowing users to consistently make the right decisions.

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Cost Engineering

Accurately track forecast and report on all areas of cost control using our standard 6 sub-modules to make sure your business and project stays on budget.




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ManPower Utilization

JANUS takes the guesswork out of managing personnel and their utilization rate. Accurately load projects with the proper personnel and ensure the resource is not under or over-utilized.

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Document Control

Document management is a snap with our document manager. Customized workflows, a robust MDR (Master Document Register) standardized processes, and role-based security means the entire organization is on the same page.

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Management of Change (MOC)

Managing organizational and project change couldn't be any easier using JANUS. Robust workflows, calculation of individual changes and more features in a user-friendly environment.



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Timesheet Management

Role-Based security and quick entry and approval of time allows real-time reporting in other JANUS modules


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Contracts Management

Create standard contracts, monitor existing contracts and allow users to resolve contractual disputes quickly using JANUS. Unfavorable concessions and overruns because of contracts issues are a thing of the past using.

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Contingency Management

JANUS contingency management or called management reserve in some organizations is tailored to conform to your business process. Track, analyze and report cost and schedule contingency. JANUS allows flexibility and scalability in any organization.


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Risk Management

Risk management in JANUS allows organizations to begin mitigating and solving risks issues before and during an event.


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Project Accounting and Finance

Communicating primarily with the estimating and cost engineering modules means correct purchase order submittal and retrieval. With the option of role-based security allows vendors and clients to approve invoices. This means resources and organizations save time and money.

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Lessons Learned

JANUS takes collaboration to next level. Our lesson learned modules allows any user to enter favorable or unfavorable situations as the project is in progress. Gone are the days of entering information at the end of the project. Real-time information sharing allows the entire organization to make the best decision based on known outcomes

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